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What happens when you live your whole life under an umbrella of religion? You've been taught more about God than most people, yet you come to the conclusion that you don't really know Him. Half of your adult life has been spent in looking for the next thrill and comfort only to become disillusioned and disappointed because it doesn't really satisfy. John opens up his heart to a revelation of God's love and grace where he had a vision that lasted more than three months. During this vision an angel appears to him and takes him on a journey that shakes up his perceptions of home, church and his personal beliefs. 


The author states, "I saw a vision of an angel who had a message. A message revealed to my heart as I cried out to God that I wanted Him more than anything - whatever the cost; whatever it takes. The angel kept repeating three words as he held up a flaming blue sword -- form, fulness, and fruitfulness.


I wanted to be a man of faith who trusted God without doubting; one whose whole vision would be filled with His love which would then be expressed to others. Find out what the angel meant by declaring these three words to him. Come with him on this Pilgrim Progress style journey as he finds intimate relationship with God and a new found love for others."

What happens when you tell God "whatever it takes" and He sends a fifteen foot angel in a vision to give you a message that lasts for more than three months. Join me on my hourney as I get a revelation which brings me to see my absolute need for daily relationship with God. Watch as the angel pierces my heart with a sword that has eight eyes on it. This sword turns out to be the Word of God and the eight eyes are the eyes of the Lord whosn in four different entities. Follow those eyes in and discover that my heart now looks like a house. Come with me as I wrestle with How to develop intimacy with God when your house is trashed? How does God interact with one who is dysfunctional, struggles with addictive behavior, father/mother issues, secrets, rejection and anger issues, plus being emotionally distant? Whether you are just beginning to seek God, are a new Christian, or have known God for a long time this book will give you fresh perspective on what it means to have Jesus in your heart. 


In a Paul Bunyon's Pilgrim Progress type style, John takes you on his journey as the angel walks with Him in His heart which now looks like a house where every room, item and function find a parallel significance in the spiritual realm. This is a true life story of good against evil that will captivate your heart and draw you into deeper intimacy with God. Find out how John escapes the FOG of religion to find freedom from wrong patterns of thinking. Discover how true to life illustration from our everyday home can bring to life what it means to have a close walk with God. If you hunger for more of God and desire a deeper intimacy with Him and a richer love for others, then you will find this life-changing journey the answer you have been looking for to experience your own Dwelling Place encounter. 

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